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Wilmax England Thermo Glass Tea Pot 650Ml

Brand: Wilmax
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Product Description

Key features:
1) Great ergonomic design. easy to use.
2) Dishwasher and microwave safe.
3) Can be used on an electric or gas stove (with flame separator and on low flame).
4) Odourless.
5) Environmentally friendly.
6) Chemically safe.

Removable stainless steel 18/10 infuser has flip lid which lets you open the tea pot easy. Lid is connected to infuser and will not fall down while pouring tea into the cup. Tea pots from Thermo Glass Collection by Wilmax are perfect for holding hot or cold beverages. They will ameliorate your tea ceremony, enhancing the style and feeling. Made from a high-temperature, shock resistance, borosilicate glass, the Thermo Glass Collection has excellent quality, which ensures great usability.


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